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From the Editor

In a bid to foster the spirit of unity and creativity among students and also help in the positive promotion of colleges' good names,it became imperative for the Lagos State College of Primary Education,its students affairs unit and Student Union to inaugurate an organisation known as the CAMPUS ORACLE.

CAMPUS ORACLE is an independent media arm attached to the Students' Union Government.It is a not-for-profit and non-millitant information acquisition and dissemination agency charged with the responsibility of recognizing and adequately publicizing tetiary talents and bringing the news to you as it is on campuses from all parts of the world,fair and accurate.

Our objectives include:

1.      Promotion of greater knowledge acquisition
2.      Stimulating positive interest in learning
         and education
3.      Encouraging good socio-cultural
         and intellectual interaction among students
         the world over
4.      Promoting the democratic principles of
         tolerance and freedom of expression.
5.      To showcase college talents nationally and

All of these and many more we shall accomplish through co-operative collaboration with .people like you,companies(big and small),media institutions and sister organisations of various campuses in the federation and outside the shores of our great country.

This way,ours and your goals shall be simultaneously achieved.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours truly,

Busari Idris .O

CC: Tetiary institutions
        Ministries of Education
        Media Organisations
        Governmental Organisations
        Non-governmental Organisations
        General Public


Greatest World Students,

This is a formal invitation welcoming articles and submissions of works of art from faculties and departments of various campuses all around the world.

Submissions should cut across all spheres of human activities ranging from:

* Politics
* Poetry and Critical Writings
* News (on and around Campus)
* Faces (Campus Celebrities) and Fashion
* Movies,Music and Entertainment
* Hot Scandals and Juicy Gossips
* Biography of Loved ones
* Jokes

and many more.

Selected submission will be scrutinized and given a week publicity on the official news board of Campus Oracle.At the end of the session,your work may appear on the most celebrated magazines on campuses in Nigeria,Africa and around the world.

Let us do something we will be proud of today.

The Oracle has spoken.

Adeyeye Biliamin Adekunle
Chairman Editorial Committee

World Campus Parliament

Campus Parliament is an initiative of the Res"Q" Ranjazz Family ,Youthcom and the National Association of Nigerian Students Joint Campus Committee,Lagos axis.
It seeks to bring together view from cross sections of students and concerned
people from around the world on current issues germane to global understanding,
peace and development.These issues include:

1   Adolescent Reproductive Health
2   Teenage pregnancy
3   Extreme Sexuality (homosexuality)
4   United Nations,Peace,Poverty and Health Worldwide
5   Poverty in Asia and Africa
6   Campus Culture (people,fashion and events)
7   HIV/AIDS and STD'S
8   Education and Global Development

      *Early Childhood Education
      *High School  and Tetiary Education
      *Teacher Eduaction
      *Education and Parental Roles
      *Mass Literacy,Adult and Non-formal Education
      *Science,Technical and Vocational Education
      *Open  and Distance Learning (Online inclusive)
      *Special Education and socio-economic mainstreaming
      *Rehabilitation Science
      *ICT and Education
      *Educational Services
      *Standardizing Education Worldwide
      *Teaching and Global Development
      *Education and World Peace
      *STDs Education
      *Prison Education
      *Girl Child Education
      *World Citizenship
      *Student Unionism and Global Development

 9   9/11 and Iraq Invasion
10  Human Trafficking
11  Forced prostitution/Sex Tourism
12  World population Explosion
13   Role of Youths in Global Peace and Development
14   Unemployment
15   Moral Instruction and World Peace
16   Racism (extinct or existing)
17   ICT and Global Development
18   Common Social Crimes
19   Terrorism
20   Chemical and Biological Weaponry
21   Gender Equality
22   Migration Issues (immigration and emigration)
23   Role of Women in Global Development
24   Marriage and Divorce
25   Industrialization (effects)
26   Our Society
27   Our Government
28   Our Justice System

Campus Parliamnet is in line with the global partnership for developmnet initiative.It is
 our own way, the first step of the achievement of the millennium development goals by
intellectually socializing students the world over.

Participate today by sending in articles,stories,poems, and views
(with or without photos) on any of the above stated issues.Our views can save  the world.

Thank you  for your co-operation

Yours Truly,

Submission Guidelines
  1. Manuscrips must be written in English and should not exceed 10 pages of A4 paper with an abstract (if included) of about 150 words.
  2. Pictorial and diagramatic illustrations (photos) should be included where necessary.
  3. A hard copy of such manuscript (on paper) and digitally stored on a diskette should  be submitted.
  4. The applicable reference numcber,title of such write-up,name,address,institution and other necessary information should be typed on a separate paper.
  5. Reference where indicated should conform with the latest form of the American psychological Association (APA) format.

  6. The parliament shall not be responsible for manuscripts and any other material lost in transit.

  7. Online submissions should be sent to the email addresses below with the title bearing the related reference number. eg CO/YY/025 = Industrialization (effects).

  8. Works found acceptable for fpublication may attract page charges to be determined by the editorial board.

  9. All correspondence regarding the Parliament issues should be sent to:                     

                               The Editor (World Campus Parliamnent)
                                The Res"Q" Ranjazz Family
                                811 S. 11th Street
                                IN 46526

For questions and comments,please call:+1-574-903-6137

Thank you .


Visitors Worldwide
(c) 2005